Monday, June 30, 2014

España: 2010 Rapist of French Tourist Arrested After Contacting Victim on Social Media...Three Years Later

It was then that one of the men attacked the French tourist and raped her.

COMMENT: When she took the matter to the police, they were unable to find the rapist as the victim was only able to provide them his first name, the local daily EL DIARIO DE MALLORCA reported on Monday (June 30). 

Three years later, the woman strangely received a friend request from her rapist on a social media site.

This time, she promptly contacted Spanish police immediately, who were able to match the physical description she had initially offered with his profile photos on the social media site.

Majorca police then contacted INTERPOL after determining that her assailant was a Slovakian citizen.

INTERPOL in turn reached out to the Slovakian police, who were able to confirm the suspect’s family had actually traveled to Majorca at the time of the rape.

The rapist is now in custody.