Tuesday, June 24, 2014

España: Miami Mayor Pitches Spain on Investment Opportunities in the US

According to The Latin American Tribune, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado made a in Madrid on Tuesday (June 24) highlighting opportunities for foreign investment in the Florida metropolis, often humorous referred to known as the unofficial capital of Latin America.

Mayor Regalado spoke in Madrid at the EFE-Forum America, organized by Agencia EFE, whose president, José Antonio Vera, joined Casa de America director Tomás Poveda in introducing the Miami mayor.

COMMENT: Mayor Regalado pointed to Spain’s “second invasion” of Florida, where 400 Spanish firms have already established operations, more them half of them based in Miami.

Regalado reminded his audience that the US government has established a program giving foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain permanent residence provided they invest $1 million and create ten jobs over the course of 10 years.

Miami “has to learn a lot from Spain” in its approach to developing the tourism sector, the Miami major said, acknowledging that while his city has always relied on sun and sand to draw visitors, the Iberian nation has cultivated a “multiplicity” of attractions.

“The US is a country of opportunities, with all its faults,” the Cuban-born politician said. “There are unlimited opportunities if you follow the rules, if you do the right thing and work.”

The 2010 Census found that 62% of Miami’s population was born outside the United States and the majority of those immigrants are of Hispanic origin, Regalado said, stressing the pervasiveness of Spanish in his city.

“There are still people there who speak English, a few, but they’re there,” he quipped.

Mayor Regalado met Monday (June 23) with Madrid Mayor Ana Botella to sign a sister-cities agreement.