Saturday, June 7, 2014

Iraq: Shi'ites, Sunnis Continue to Anniliate Each Other, 60 People Alone Killed on Saturday

According to Reuters, a wave of car-bombings detonated in predominantly Shi'ite districts across Baghdad on Saturday (June 7), killing more than 60 people, security and medical sources said.

There were a dozen blasts in total, the deadliest of which occurred in the Bayaa neighborhood, where a car-bomb killed 23 people, many of them young people playing billiards.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for any of the attacks, yet the Shi'ite community is a target for Sunni Islamist insurgents who have been regaining ground and momentum in Iraq over the last year.

In the past three days, militants have overrun parts of two cities. On Saturday, they occupied a university in the western province of Anbar, taking hundreds of students and staff hostage.

Last year was Iraq's bloodiest since violence began to ease from its climax in 2006-07. 

Nearly 800 people were killed in May alone, according to the United Nations, the highest monthly death toll this year so far.