According to, the Malaysian government now have released a conspiracy that illegal immigrants are believed to be behind the series of ransom kidnappings that have occurred of late on the eastern coast of Sabah. 

Unfortunately, Malaysian authorities have no suspects in custody nor have they identified the nations from which the illegals are citizens.

Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) intelligence division director Datuk Ahmad Nadzer Nordin said some of those illegal immigrants had even posed as local residents living and working in the coastal areas.

The aforementioned intelligence source has no documents, tape recordings, voice-prints, forensic evidence or other supporting documents to substantiate their theory, other than to trust them at their word.  

"Some of these henchmen are working at the resort, on the farms and fish breeding sites,” he said.  

COMMENT: My humble apologies, but given the charade that Malaysian officials perpetrated on the international community following the disappearance of MH Flight 370, trusting the Malaysians that illegals, predominantly from the Philippines, are now behind the string of abductions-- in the absence of hard evidence--is a hard to swallow.

Ahmad Nadzer disclosed that seven kidnapping attempts had been foiled since Esscom had became fully operational.

He said in a bid to clean the area of illegal immigrants, a special operation dubbed “Ops Gasak” had been launched in ten areas in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone) areas, including in resort islands.

“In the operation, which began in March 2014, 4,000 people were inspected and 1,500 were found without any evidence of their nationality. We will hand them over to the Immigration Department for deportation to Manila," suggesting that all those detained are Filipinos."

If the Malaysians do contend that 1,500 detainees had no evidence of citizenship, where are their investigative reports requesting by name deportation back to the Philippines? 

Ahmad Nadzer said fourteen groups active in kidnapping activities were from the southern Philippines, with at least four members of the groups committing the crimes in Sabah.
Interestingly, why didn't the Malaysian government bring their Filipino counterparts into an internationally-based investigation, particularly a group as large as 4,000 suspects of mixed nationalities?

A final thought. Someone possessing well-honed abduction and negotiating skills have kidnapped for ransom a number of foreign nationals, demanding, at least in one case, upwards of a ransom of US$11.2 million.

Is such a huge financial demand feasible from low-level illegal immigrants from the Philippines working for resorts?