Tuesday, June 3, 2014

México: Women's Unpaid Compensation Equivalent to 15% of Gdp

According to The Latin American Tribune, women’s unpaid compensation is equivalent to 15% of Mexico’s gross domestic product (gdp), excluding labor performed as caregivers and overseeing households, according to the National Women’s Institute president Lorena Cruz Sánchez said.

“This high economic value of unpaid work performed by women could move the country toward sustained development,” Cruz said during a conference Monday (June 2) in the central Mexican city of Aguascalientes.

Some “60 million of women are carrying México,” Cruz said at the gathering of international experts.

COMMENT: Women are making this contribution even though they earn “less than men for equal work and when only four of 10 are in the labor force, mainly in the informal market, and when practically half of them live in permanent poverty,” Cruz said.

“Unpaid work is one of the least visible dimensions of the contribution to development and the economic survival of households,” said Ana Güezmes, the UN representative for women in México.

Eduardo Sojo, chairman of the board of the Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), said the role of gender in development must be taken into account in the dialogue being promoted by the United Nations on the issue.