Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nepal: Update--Corrected Information on Gang-Rape of US Expat Living in Kathmandu

According to China's Xinhua, a US woman in her 40s, who had lived in Kathmandu since 2013, and who was reportedly gang-raped by upwards of four assailants, including her unidentified Nepali boyfriend on June 14, said today (June 24) that the assailants had apparently committed such crimes in the past.

"I feel I am not the only one they have abused. Everything was well-planned," the victim told China's Xinhua.

COMMENT: The rape victim, who denied previously reported information that suggested that she was drunk, said that since converting to Islam, alcohol has never passed her lips.

She insists that she was immobilized with a "date-rape" drug.

"My legs were paralyzed and I vomited all night before passing out. When I woke up I found condoms on the floor. Nepali medical tests confirmed that I had been sexually assaulted," she said.

The woman was reportedly raped at the Global Hotel in Thamel, in Kathmandu's tourism hub.

The victim who has a Pakistani partner said she was with the locals because she simply wanted to learn how to play snooker and argued that she had no relationship with any of them.

The victim said the door of her room was left unlocked when she was unconscious. This permitted the assailants to take advantage of her.

She said she has being receiving threatening calls. She is now under the protection of the Nepali police and the US Embassy.

If convicted, the men could be jailed for up to 10 years. Investigation and forensic exams are continuing.