Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nepal: US Tourist in 40s Gang-Raped in Kathmandu Hotel Room Her Nepali Boyfriend Arranged For

According to Xinhua, a US tourist in her 40s was reportedly gang-raped in Nepal's capital of Kathmandu on June 14, police revealed Sunday (June 22).  

The victim was reportedly raped at the Global Hotel in Thamel that is located in Kathmandu's tourism hub. She filed a complaint against the assailants on June 15. 

The victim reportedly was in Nepal on a business visa and was in a relationship with a Nepali national who may also have been involved in the gang-rape.

The couple apparently booked a room in Thamel and had a couple of drinks. 

According to the victim's statement, she was left alone in her guest-room in what has been described as an unconscious state and was raped during the evening, reportedly by two suspects now in custody," SSP Hemant Bahadur Paal, spokesperson at the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Office (MPCO).  

COMMENT: There are moments when I’m often perplexed in attempting to explain the capacity of solo foreign travelers to get themselves into compromising situations that lead them into being seriously victimized. 

Having visited Nepal many times, I would tend to describe it as ground-zero for hashish consumption and the conning of foreign tourists with the jury being out as to who is in first place.

It is a country where having a suspicious nature can be a reliable friend.

My experience in Nepal is that there is a great deal of interaction between foreign travelers, but rarely do such travelers enter into an imtimate relationship with Nepalis.

Based upon the few facts that are available, it appears that the victim's Nepali boyfriend may have potentially set up the victim, perhaps using a “date-rape” drug to immobilize her.

As I have pointed out so often in the past, acknowledging that print space for all filings are limited, one often is left with far more questions in this case than answers, some of which are listed below:

Has the boyfriend been interviewed by police?

How many times had the victim and the boyfriend seen each other?

How long had the victim known her Nepali boyfriend?

In what setting did the victim and her boyfriend meet?

What is the background of the boyfriend?

What caused the Nepali boyfriend to so misrepresent himself to the victim as to facilitate her being criminally victimized in such a horrific manner? 

I generally am not super-enthusiastic about foreign citizens reporting criminal victimization to their embassies and consulates, yet if the US victim in this case has not done so, even at this late date, she should report her account to the US Embassy in Kathmandu. 

The fact that media reports did not indicate whether the crime victim had contacted her embassy, suggests to me that she may NOT have done so.

I'm reluctant to forecast how this crime will be adjudicated, but my sense is that Nepal is UNLIKELY to be a country where enlightened jurisprudence can be depended upon, particularly when the hotel guest-room was arranged for by the boyfriend and those arrested deny the gang-rape.

If criminal forensic analysis exists at all in Nepal, it is expected to be cursory at best, which leads me to conclude that DNA analysis is not used on a daily basis.

Unless the Nepalese have had the benefit of developed world police foreign assistance, it is my suspicion that the US victim in this case will not be well-served and may never find commensurate justice.

It should be noted that Nepal is hardly one of most transparent nations in the world having placed 116 out of 175 countries with a rating of 31 with 91 being the most transparent (Denmark) and Somalia being the least transparent: 


Nepal is roughly the size of the US state of Arkansas; 63% of homes are without commercial electricity.

Two of the assailants have already been arrested in relation to the crime. Both suspects have denied the charges. 

Police have said that the investigation into the attack, as well as other forensic analysis are continuing.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.