Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Poland/Slovakia: New Zealander, 62, Beaten, Robbed in Southern Poland, Dumped in Slovakia

According to New Zealand-based Otago Daily Times, a 62-year-old Kiwi who reportedly was a director of a school in Burma while visiting southern Poland was beaten up and robbed in a daylight attack that ended when he was dumped across the country's border into Slovakia. 
The incident occurred on Sunday (June 15) at approximately 1330 hours in the center of Zakopane, according to radio station RMF-FM

COMMENT:  The victim was apparently waiting for a bus when a car pulled, thinking it was a private taxi. Unfortunately, it wasn't. 

Upon entering the vehicle, the victim was set upon by several assailants who beat him until he lost consciousness, dumping him in neighboring Slovakia.

With a bruised face and his wallet and other valuables stolen, he was eventually hospitalized and interviewed by police before returning to Poland.

The tourist had planned to remain in Poland until mid-July, yet his misfortune seemingly modified his plans, prompting him to leave Poland immediately.

Needless to say, there are several important message-points here:

1. Have some understanding of the modes of transportation in the country you are traveling in;

2. As I have said so often in the past, particularly in the perilous world we live, traveling in groups, if at all possible, is a very prudent decision;

3. Always remember the types of apparel that assailants are wearing; and

4. Always carry sufficient cash to make criminals' effort worthy.

As a final note, and this may be valuable to our readers, the majority of time, most victims of violent crime are solo travelers.