Friday, June 20, 2014

Poland/Slovakia: Update--New Zealander, 60, Resists Two Assailants, Sustains Major Injuries, Concussion

According to The New Zealand Herald and NZAP, Polish police have arrested two possible suspects in conjunction with the physical attack, robbery and benign neglect of Aucklander Gordon Johnson, 60, in Sunday's (June 15) attack.

Johnson was lured into a car he thought was a private taxi, while waiting for a bus in rural southern Poland.

Subsequently, the victim was abandoned a two-hour drive inside of neighboring Slovakia.

Coincidentally, earlier today (June 20) police detained two suspects as they were stealing fuel from a Polish gas station, according to the weekly Podhalanski.   

COMMENT: Police believe that the suspects may be implicated in Mr. Johnson's attack as they were driving a red BMW, which the victim told police his assailants were using.

A spokesman for police in Zakopane is quoted as saying the men are also suspected of being behind two other robberies occurring on June 11 and 15, respectively.

Johnson was injured by the assailants that attacked him, which included a broken nose, a suspected fractured jaw, facial stitches and severe bruising. The victim was unable to fly to his homeland until he received medical clearance due to an associated concussion.

The victim's assailants took turns relishing attacks on Johnson, despite his initial efforts to surrender his money and valuables.

Johnson, who was born in the US, has been a New Zealand citizen for more than 35 years who seemingly was a former US Marine who knew how to protect himself.

The victim's defensive skills acknowledged, it appears that the New Zealander's efforts to defend himself were largely unsuccessful.

In the majority of cases, I strongly DISCOURAGE that crime victims NOT RESIST a physical attack, particularly when outnumbered, as doing so can result in serious injuries, if not death.

It is far more prudent for crime victims who are outnumbered to simply acknowledge their financial losses to live yet another day.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.