Sunday, June 29, 2014

Somalia/Kenya: Update--Al-Shabaab Plans to Step Up Attacks During Ramadan

According to AFP, al-Qaeda-linked al-Shebaab militants have warned they will step up attacks in the Somalian capital of Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan, which started on Sunday (June 29).
In an audio message released on the al-Shebaab station, Radio Andalus, and also on an Islamist website, the group's commander in charge of Mogadishu operations, Sheik Ali Mohamed Hussein, said the time had come when violence will be at its peak.
COMMENT: Somalia president Hassan Sheik Mohamud, who appeared on national television to mark the beginning of Ramadan, said his government will do whatever it takes to neutralize the threats posed by al-Shabaab during the holy month.
Somalia police spokesman Kasim Ahmed Roble said the Lido Beach, a public space where Mogadishu residents frequently gather, will be closed during Ramadan.