Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spain: Some British 120 Motorists in Spain Duped into Stopping on AP-7 So They Can Be Victimized

According to The Glasgow Evening Times, more than 120 British drivers in España have been the victims of innovative thievery on the AP-7 motorway near Barcelona, according to UK-based Automobile Association (AA) founded in 1905.

Thieves have been flagging cars down under the pretense of asking for help only to then distract the occupants while others steals their possessions.

Typically, foreign drivers are flagged down only to be confronted with Spanish speakers who divert their attention in order to steal property and valuables.

Rosie Sanderson, of the AA's international division, said the thieves were focusing on stretches of the motorway going from airports to resorts.

She encouraged drivers planning to take to the road in Spain to "do their research" and continue to the next safest place if someone tries to flag them down. 

COMMENT: A Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) spokesman said: "It is the beginning of the peak summer season, when many thousands of Britons will be driving foreign-registered or hired vehicles across Spain.

Few of the incidents have been violent, although countless material losses have occurred.  

"Distraction techniques can be very effective with honest people who think they are being helped by a good Samaritan, when in fact criminals are persuading foreign motorists to stop so they can be victimized.

Officials are working with the Spanish authorities to raise awareness of the problem and have released a video aimed at British nationals driving in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.