Friday, June 20, 2014

Syria: Danish Photographer, 25, Released from Captivity After Thirteen Months, Few Details

According to The Associated Press, a Danish freelance photographer who had been held captive for 13 months in Syria has been released and has been reunited with his family, officials said Friday (June 20).

Denmark's Foreign Ministry said Daniel Rye Ottosen, 25, had been held since May 17, 2013, in Syria where he went to photograph the conflict and the civilian population's conditions.

Rye Ottosen was freed Thursday (June 19) and is in good condition, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ole Egberg Mikkelsen said.

COMMENT: The Foreign Ministry has offered very few details concerning who had abducted Rye Ottosen, the motive for such a lengthy kidnapping or whether a ransom had been paid for the Dane's release.

Typically, few groups hold a kidnap victim for thirteen months without being compensated for their maintenance of the victim.

Rye Ottosen's abduction was known to Danish media, which had refrained from reporting it for security reasons.

"Our experience tells us that if there is any kind of media coverage, it can play a role and can make things more complex," Egberg Mikkelsen added.

In March, Beirut-based Danish freelance television reporter Jeppe Nybroe was freed after he had been abducted a month earlier in Lebanon, near the Syrian border. Danish media also knew about abduction but remained silent until Nybroe was released.