Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tip of the Day: How "NOT" to Become a Crime Victim!

Are you likely to become a crime victim in Mexico City, based solely on your personal security awareness, security vulnerabilities and the prevailing designated criminal threat?

The answer is dependent on several environmental factors.

The answer is dependent upon a number of behavioral, physical, procedural, and situational vulnerabilities that are at play at a given time of day, which is impacted upon one's level of "personal security awareness."

Let’s assume that you are in Mexico City.

According to the US Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the law enforcement arm of the Department, the current security threat for crime in Mexico City is "CRITICAL" threat, which is the highest level of threat on the Department's four-tier threat categorization system of "Critical, High, Medium and Low" threat.

Now...let's look at the profiles of the two foreign criminal targets:

Target #1

Time of day:                                  1100 hours
Type of watch worn:                    Casio athletic watch, value $25
Rings and necklaces:                   None
Dress:                                             Inexpensive slacks, sports shirt, no tie
Security awareness:                    Confident, dining w/colleagues 
Wallet location:                            Front pocket
Wallet style:                                  No credit cards visible when open
Tote bag:                                        Backpack with laptop concealed inside
Taxi used:                                      Use of reputable taxi, good security

Target #2

Time of Day:                                 2200 hours, eating alone
Type of watch worn:                   Men's Rolex, street value $7,500 
Rings/necklaces:                         Wedding band removal apparent
Dress:                                            Pin-stripe suit, oxfords, tie, etc.
Security awareness:                    Walking with map, disoriented
Wallet location:                           Back pocket
Wallet style:                                 Credit cards lined up on both sides
Tote bag:                                       Upscale leather briefcase
Mode of transportation:            Hails taxi on street
As you can see between the two targets, there is a significant difference between Target # 1 and Target # 2, just from the standpoint of optics as they relate to security vulnerabilities, confidence level, time of day and risk exposure.                                     

As you can see from the characteristics of Target 1, he/she is cognizant of the security threat and dresses and acts accordingly. 

Conversely, Target 2 is unaware of the threat and behaves in a manner that increases the probability of becoming a crime victim. Street criminals simply will not pass up a target as tempting as Target 2, where the jewelry alone will encourage them to abandon other less desirable—or more security-conscious targets.