Monday, June 23, 2014

Turkey: Irish Teenager, 19, Stabbed Severely in Stomach in Marmaris as Girlfriend Attempts to Return Faulty Handbag

According to Dublin-based, Callum Copson, 19, tried to defend his girlfriend, Erin Brown, 18, who was attempting to return a faulty handbag when a teenager is alleged to have stabbed Callum in the stomach.

Callum was stabbed in the stomach on June 18, as other tourists desperately attempted to stem the flow of blood after Callum collapsed in front of his screaming girlfriend, following the unprovoked attack by a teenager in the leather goods shop in Marmaris. 

COMMENT: It should be noted that in the last 24 hours, I have posted filings in three different cases occurring in destinations across the globe "flagging" the mental health crisis we face globally in terms of mentally ill persons becoming violent against members of society.

I have raised to all readers of my daily blog that all nations need to be tracking the human carnage caused by persons who are mentally ill,  potentially violent and freely walk among us until they suddenly "snap."

As I said hours ago in another posting, our governments have their heads in the sand, ignoring the fact that any one of us could unknowingly breathe our last breath simply because of a mental patient who has stopped taking prescribed medications that stabilize their behavior and ends the lives of law-abiding citizens everywhere.

Callum needed two life-saving ­operations and of late was said to be in a stable condition.

For reasons unknown to the Irish couple, the shop staff allegedly threw belts, bags and shoes at Erin, while Callum reportedly attempted to protect her from the emotional outrage than ensued,

According to witnesses, a teenage boy who was associated with the shop-keeper suddenly appeared with a fruit knife and plunged it into Callum’s stomach before fleeing.

Another Briton who was in the shop on Wednesday night said: “I was with my young son when the couple came in and asked for a refund on a faulty bag. "Things seemed to spiral out of control very quickly and suddenly they were lobbing bags and belts at each other."

Callum, of Kennoway, Fife, was rushed to the private Ahu Hetman Hospital for emergency surgery.

Callum's parents, Eric and Lorraine, flew to Turkey to be by their son's bedside. 

Following the attack a 14-year-old boy was taken to the police by his father who works in the bag shop.

The youngster is understood to have mental health issues. He is said to have told his father and the police he could remember holding a bloodstained knife but nothing more. He was remanded in custody by a judge who has ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

This report will be updated as new information on Callum's condition becomes available.