Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Turkey: Update--Callum Copson, 19, Stabbed in Marmaris Will Be OK

According to the UK-based The Courier, the family of Irish teenager, Callum Copson, 19, stabbed in Turkey after an argument on June 18, over a faulty handbag "say he has come out of a medical coma and should be OK."

Callum Copson, 19, of Kennoway, was stabbed in the stomach, with other tourists desperately trying to stem the flow of blood after he collapsed in front of his screaming girlfriend following the attack by a teenager in a leather goods shop in Marmaris.

Speaking to The Courier on Monday (June 23), a family member said: "He’s going to be OK. We are just trying to deal with the situation just now."

COMMENT: No traveler ever really focuses on having a life-threatening emergency while traveling abroad, yet what happened to Callum is a reminder to all of us to do TWO things before traveling abroad:

1. Take a course in emergency first aid from the Red Cross; and

2. Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and stay regularly certified.

Callum is no longer in an induced coma and is awake and talking to family members.

It is great news that Callum will survive his serious injuries and be able to go home very soon.