Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UK: Criminality in London Upscale Hotels Increasingly Problematic, Additional Security Urged

According to The London Evening Standard, smash-and-grab thugs fleeing a robbery at the upscale Dorchester Hotel struck a woman pedestrian in the street early today (June 10).

The gang of six men struck at the Park Lane hotel shortly after 0130 hours, smashing glass display cases and stealing high value watches and jewelry.

The hammer-wielding gang were disturbed by police officers on a routine patrol and sped off at high rate of speed.

As they rode through the streets one of the mopeds collided with a woman in Cambridge Circus knocking her to the ground.

The woman was taken to hospital with leg injuries and was said to be in a stable condition. 

The robbers smashed five glass presentation cabinets in the main lobby, just beyond the reception center, next to elevators and guest-rooms.

Among the cabinets smashed was one selling Harry Winston jewelry while another contained several high-value watches. 

COMMENT: Considering what guests have to pay for a guest-room in London at four-and-five-star properties, they seemingly should be spared the indignities of crimes occurring just down from the Reception Center.

Life was continuing as normal at the Dorchester Hotel, with guests enjoying breakfast just meters from where the smash-and-grab raid occurred.
Police said they believed there were searching for six men on three high- powered mopeds.

The raid is the latest in a series of robberies that have plagued designer shops and jewelry shops in the West End.

Masked raiders struck at the Dorchester in 2002 stealing £1 million (US$1,678,490) worth of jewelry in a similar robbery. 

In Knightsbridge, shopkeepers have suggested paying for extra police patrols to deter the smash-and-grab assailants, after £150,000 (US$251,774) worth of handbags was stolen from one store in May 2014.