Saturday, June 21, 2014

United Kingdorm/Iran: Foreign Office Decides to Reopen its Embassy in Tehran

According to, the United Kingdom has decided to reopen its Embassy in Tehran after closing the diplomatic mission three years ago.

The news comes as both Great Britain and the US are viewing the Iranians to help them restore order in Iraq, currently in the grip of an offensive by ISIL Sunni militants.

Direct military co-operation appears unlikely

Iran has already sent troops into Iraq to protect key Shi’ite shrines. 

COMMENT:  “Iran does have the capability to play a more positive role across the region. It has played, for many years, a divisive and sectarian role through supporting divisive or often terrorist groups in other parts of the region. We look to it to desist from that,” said Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague.

It is very much an "about face" for Iran, brought about by the emergency situation in Iraq, and a subtle political change in Tehran, which is seemingly sounding more moderate in tone.