Saturday, June 21, 2014

United States: 65% of Gallup Respondents Disapprove of Obama's Handling of Immigration

According to The Latin American Tribune, President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration has declined to 31%, while 65% of respondents surveyed by Gallup disapprove of his immigration policies.

That was the result of a study published Friday (June 20) by Gallup, which also indicates that disapproval of Obama’s immigration policies has increased 10% since the last time the same survey was taken in August 2013.

Since Gallup began taking the poll, never has it come up with such a high disapproval rating, and only in 2010 was approval lower than 31%.

Support for Obama on immigration has fallen since last August among members of all political parties and tendencies, including Democrats.

COMMENT: It has become very clear since Barack Obama was first inaugurated that he is a leftist idealogue FIRST and  a representative of all citizens SECOND. What a pity.

Approval by Democrats has dropped to 60%, while among Independents it stands at 25%.

Only 8% of Republicans look favorably on how the President deals with immigration, while 90% condemn it.

Though most Americans do NOT view immigration as a high-priority matter for the President or Congress, Obama has repeatedly given assurances that immigration reform is one of his legislative priorities.

How is it possible for a US President to be so out-of-touch with his constituents?

The survey was taken by means of telephone interviews between June 5-8 with a sample of 1,027 adults nationwide, and with a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.