Saturday, June 28, 2014

Venezuela: Commercial Electricity Lost in 14 of 23 States Until Nightfall on Friday

According to The Associated Press, a power plant failure neutralized a huge section of the country, officials have not said what percentage, on Friday (June 27), forcing a suspension of subway and train service across the country. Even a nationally televised presidential ceremony was shut down.

What is known is that electrical service in fourteen of the country's 23 states were darkened with most businesses and homes directly effected.

A power plant that supplies electricity to Venezuela's central and western regions failed on Friday afternoon, Electricity Minister Jesse Chacón said. 

Electricity was mostly restored in Caracas by nightfall, but remained out in other parts of the country, where power failures are a frequent occurrence.

COMMENT: Venezuela is one of the least transparent nations around the world, so it is never known as to whether such a large percentage of the loss of electricity is attributed to sabotage, incompetence, "brown-outs" or a failure of the government to pay its bills.

The outage disrupted a televised celebration of journalists that President Nicolás Maduro was holding in the governmental palace in Caracas. 

While some middle class neighborhoods were without power for the afternoon and evening, Caracas' experienced only intermittent outages.

The last time Caracas lost power, in March 2014, electricity was not fully restored for over 12 hours.