Monday, June 23, 2014

Venezuela: Heavily-Armed Gunmen Steal Firearms from Out-of-the-Way Police Station

According to EFE, well-armed assailants hit a police station in San Pedro de Los Altos, some 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the capital of Caracas, for the express purpose of stealing firearms, and fled with eighteen handguns and seven loaded magazines.

COMMENT:  For our readers who do not believe that Venezuela is truly a failed-state, I strongly suggest that the below link, dated June 19, 2014, and entitled "Venezuela: German Executive Killed During Caracas Hotel Shooting," even in the presence of a fully-armored vehicle and a team of experienced bodyguards:

Seemingly, even police stations cannot prevent their firearms from being stolen.

Tragically, Venezuela has quickly become one of the most lawless countries in South America under a Socialist government that was destined to fail.

Not only is Venezuela a failed-state as a result of unchecked corruption and criminality, but its economy cannot pay its bills, feed its citizens or fulfill even the most basic of human needs.

I strongly recommend against tourists traveling to the country. Moreover, essential business travel is discouraged ONLY if travelers have their own security infrastructure and possess the capacity to neutralize all internal threats.

Four "heavily armed" criminals assaulted the police station largely because it was an out-of-the-way station where armed robbery for firearms could not have been predicted.

“Four individuals entered the police station...overpowered police officers present, assaulted them, tied them up and took their service weapons along with sixteen handguns they found in storage and seven ammunition magazines with 17 rounds each,” Miranda state police press secretary Niumar Oropeza said.