Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Austria: Herd of Cows, Calves Attack German Hiker, 45, Killed at Sight of Leashed Dog

According to The Associated Press, Austrian police report that a herd of roughly twenty cows and calves converged on a German hiker, 45, and killed her as she hiked through their fenced-in pasture after apparently being disturbed by the sight of her leashed dog.

The incident occurred on Monday (July 28).

COMMENT: As I have so often said, international travel provides incredible experiences, but also poses unforeseen risks that can never be anticipated, which is why I so often urge that all wildlife and even domestic stock be given wide berth.

Perhaps if the hiker had not entered the fenced-in-pasture and avoided it, she might well be alive today.

The attack occurred on a mountain pasture in Austria's Tyrol province. The woman's name was not released, in accordance with Austrian confidentiality rules.