Friday, July 4, 2014

Bolivia: Former President Jorge Quiroga Fernando Ramírez to Run in October 12 Presidential Race

According to The Latin American Tribune, Jorge Quiroga, who served as Bolivia’s head of state in 2001-2002 after the death in office of Hugo Banzer, on Wednesday (July 2) announced his candidacy for the October 12, 2014 presidential election.

Mr. Quiroga was presented by Christian Democratic Party (PDC) chairman Jorge Suárez Vargas at a rally in the capital of La Paz.

“I accept this nomination made by the PDC with complete satisfaction for a single reason: for the future of our children. I want to say to all Bolivians that the future of our children is what matters,” Quiroga said.

This will be his second run for the presidency.

COMMENT: In 2005, Quiroga won 28.5% of the vote, while Evo Morales won the presidency with the support of 54% of the voters.

Bolivia’s Constitutional Court accepted the candidate's argument that his first term should not be counted against the limit of two consecutive terms established in the 2009 charter.