Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brazil: Update--US Tourist Max Mendoza, 25, Lived Life to the "Max"

According to The Arizona Republic, An online fundraising effort to bring a former Arizona State University (ASU) student's body back from Brazil to the US has exceeded the set goal of $20,000.

More than 500 donors have contributed to the effort in honor of Max Mendoza, 25.

By Tuesday morning (July 22), the group, organized by Mendoza's brother, Jahaziel Linare, had raised $25,291. 
According to the website, the family will use the leftover money to cover unforeseen expenses, and any remaining money will be used for future projects, including a potential scholarship in his memory.

Mendoza graduated from ASU in 2011 with degrees in both marketing and sociology.

COMMENT: It is unknown what milestones Max would have achieved if he had lived a much longer life, as his body was found after the FIFA Final, which he somehow figured out a way of attending even though he didn't have a ticket:).
Max lived life to its day at a time!

As misfortune would have it, after FIFA, decided to hike the Tijuca Forest and apparently lost his footing and fell a considerable height into a ravine.
Max Mendoza was one of the founders of ASU's Undie Run, a charity event where students donate clothing and then run in their underwear.
Friends called Mendoza a "modern day explorer" who often went on spontaneous trips, such as his trip to Brazil.

Those wishing to donate to Mendoza's family can visit: