Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazil/Germany: So Much for Being a Good Sport!

According to The Latin American Tribune, Vandalism broke out in several Brazilian cities after the national soccer team’s humiliating 1-7 defeat by Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup.

In Belo Horizonte, where the game was held on Tuesday (July 8), twelve people were arrested after fighting broke out in bars and streets in the bohemian neighborhood of Savassi, a favorite tourist spot.

In the Mineirao Stadium which witnessed the landslide defeat, fans were expelled by police after they tried to destroy public property.

Meanwhile, as sadness gripped most of the city of São Paulo, which had been preparing celebrations for a victory for Brazil, rioters set fire to fifteen buses in the garage of a local transport firm, company sources said.

The incident occurred half an hour after the end of the match in Belo Horizonte, the most resounding defeat ever for a Brazilian national team, which was branded as “shameful” by the press.

Two other buses were burned down in São Paulo overnight, while in the neighboring town of Guarulhos, strangers forced passengers to get off a bus and set it on fire.

Police said an appliance store was destroyed in the same town, leading to the arrest of two men and three teenagers.

COMMENT: Other incidents took place in the FanFest areas set up by FIFA in Brazilian World Cup host cities and police used tear gas to break up a fight between fans in the northeastern city of Recife. According to local media, some people were trampled by horses.

In Salvador, capital of the northeastern state of Bahia and one of the twelve venues of the World Cup, the FanFest, which had gathered 50,000 spectators, had to be suspended for riots and attempted assault.

Meanwhile, in Curitiba, 15 buses were stoned and another was burned, and three people were arrested in Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach for creating confusion and panic among the crowd.