Monday, July 7, 2014

Colombia/Puerto Rico: San Juan Opens Office in Bogotá, Flights Between Colombia, Puerto Rico Rise

According to EFE, the Puerto Rican government this week will open a trade office in Bogotá with the aim of promoting the Caribbean island as an investment destination, a government official announced Sunday (July 6).

The spokesperson for Puerto Rico’s economic development and trade department (DDEC), Keyla Rodríguez, told EFE that a high-level delegation including the heads of various agencies will travel to the capital to participate in the office’s inauguration.

Rodríguez said that the office will have the main mission of tightening bilateral trade relations although it will also be an instrument for promoting cultural, tourist and educational agreements between the US commonwealth and the South American nation.

“We want to intensify the promotion of Puerto Rico in order to attract investment and promote the export of services from the island,” said Rodríguez about the new office.

COMMENT: DDEC secretary Alberto Baco and the executive director of the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company, Francisco Chevere, will be part of the delegation that will travel to Bogotá.

The initiative is a component of a plan formulated by Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro García Padilla’s administration to strengthen the network of the island’s trade offices around the world, including in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Panamá and New York City.

The Bogotá trade office’s opening comes just a year after Avianca Airline inaugurated direct flights between Bogotá and San Juan.

Avianca recently announced that it will increase the number of direct flights between the two cities from three to four per week starting on July 21.

The increase in demand by businesspeople and tourists for more flights on that route motivated the Colombian airline to expand its offerings.