Thursday, July 31, 2014

Croatia/UK: British Family of Five Hit Truck Head-On on Roadway to Dubrovnik, Update Follows

According to, three members of a British family have been killed after a head-on collision with a truck in southern Croatia.

The incident, which happened on the Adriatic coast road on the way to popular tourist destination Dubrovnik, left two children and their father dead while the man's wife and another child were critically injured. 

The identities of three members of a UK family of five killed in a car crash in Croatia are not yet known, but the British Embassy has been informed of the incident and is providing consular assistance.  

The family were traveling in a car with British number plates, indicating they had driven to Croatia the from the UK.  

The road where the crash occurred is a key route for tourists traveling to Dubrovnik and remains closed as police carry on the clean-up operation, a spokeswoman told Central European News. 

COMMENT:  Our condolences and prayers go out to both families, considering that there has been no reference in media reports as to whether the driver of the truck was injured or not.

Both the woman and the child are in intensive care with doctors saying that the mother has the more serious injuries of the two victims.   

Having driven in both LEFT-hand drive and RIGHT-hand drive nations over a period of some 35 years, I'm generally comfortable in driving in either driving systems, although admittedly those new to driving on the right may instinctively drive to the left.   

Although in the UK driving is on the LEFT, in Croatia it is on the RIGHT, which potentially may have caused the driver of the British family to instinctively drive to the left. 

Hopefully, this issue will be clarified when greater detail concerning the accident become available. 

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.