Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DRC: MSF Reports Victims of Sexual Violence, Sex Slaves, Often for Months, Daily Abuse, Leaves Neverending Scars

According to AFP, women and children are being kidnapped by armed gangs and forced to work as sex slaves in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to the medical charity, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said Wednesday (July 16).

"Victims have been held as sex slaves--sometimes for months at a time--and sexually assaulted violently by several men, several times a day," MSF psychologist Ana María Tijerino said in a statement.

MSF also warned that men are being kidnapped and put to work as laborers in the gold and diamond mining region of Okapi, in the east of the vast, mineral-rich nation. 

COMMENT: In just one village, between May and early July, MSF said its medical teams provided consultations for 3,586 people and treated 143 women, three men and two children who had suffered sexual violence. 

Last month a team treated 20 women in a single village who had been raped, it said. 

"Violence and sexual violence are nothing new in the Congo," Tijerino said. "But for the victims, these atrocities are not normal. No one should have to accept violence at this level."

MSF warned that many of the victims of sexual violence kept captive for weeks were not receiving vital medical treatment that could protect against HIV, sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy. 
"Months after an assault, the physical and psychological trauma is still apparent in the survivors," Tijerino said. "Many suffer from pain, infected wounds, stress, depression and nightmares. They are scared for the future and haunted by what they have lived through."