Friday, July 4, 2014

EU: British PM Fails to Keep Junker from Becoming European Commission President

According to, British Prime Minister David Cameron has seemingly failed in his attempt to block the selection of Jean-Claude Junker as the incoming European Commission president.

The UK forced a vote and were resoundingly beaten 26-2.

Still, Cameron appeared determined to bring EU reform to the center of political debate in Brussels: “This is an important stand, but it is far from being my last. My colleagues in the European Council know that I am deadly serious about EU reform, that I keep my word. If I say I am not going to back down, I won’t. This is going to be a tough fight and frankly sometimes you have to be ready to loose a battle in order to win a war,” he said.

COMMENT: Back home, opposition Labor leader Ed Miliband, said Cameron was gambling with the UK’s prosperity: “This represents a complete humiliation; he was supposed to be building alliances instead he’s been burning alliances. That is why he has failed to deliver and it is the British national interest that loses out as a result of this decision,” he said.

The above being said, all is negative for the PM. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was ready to address British concerns, while Swedish Prime Minster Fredrik Reinfeldt said a closer union was “not the best for everyone.”