Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Global Impact: Canada's PM Harper Blames Hamas for High Death Toll in Gaza

According to AFP, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Wednesday (July 30) blamed Hamas for the heavy loss of civilian life caused by Israel's deadly strikes on the Gaza Strip.

At least 110 people were killed on Wednesday alone in Gaza, one of the most densely populated areas in the world, as the Palestinian death toll from 23 days of unrelenting Israeli attacks soared to 1,360. 

COMMENT: "Obviously, no one likes to see the suffering and loss of life that has occurred," Harper said in televised remarks. "That said, we hold the terrorist organization Hamas responsible for this. They have initiated and continue this conflict, and continue to seek the destruction of the state of Israel."

As a matter of interest, see the below link that reveals that Perú, Chile and El Salvador have all recalled their envoys in protest against Israel's continued bombardment of Gaza:

Unfortunately, PM Harper's comments seemingly have fallen upon deaf ears where the Obama Administration is concerned. Perhaps President Obama would view it differently if Gaza rockets were raining down on Washington.

Canada's conservative government has long supported the Jewish state and stressed its recognition of Israel's right to defend itself.

Last week, hundreds of Canadian academics, lawyers, community activists and others criticized the Harper government for its support of Israel in the conflict, a position they said in an open letter "discredits Canada."

The strikes triggered a furious response from the United Nations, United States, France and other countries.