Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Global Impact: Claiming Hamas Wasn't Notified of Truce Negotiated by Egypt, Terrorist Group Renews Rockets on Israel

According to http://www.businessweek.com, Israel renewed its air raids on the Gaza Strip after a Palestinian rocket bombardment left an Egyptian truce proposal the Israelis had accepted in tatters. 

Hamas, the militant movement that controls Gaza, said it wasn’t consulted on the Egyptian plan, and its military wing rejected it. Within six hours, the cease-fire efforts crumbled after Gaza militants barraged Israel with 50 rockets, according to the Israeli military.

The developments heightened the possibility that Israel, which has mobilized 38,000 reservists, would send ground forces to invade Gaza. “If Hamas doesn’t accept the truce proposal -- and that’s how it looks now -- Israel will have the international legitimacy to broaden the military offensive,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said shortly before the air campaign resumed. 

Thus far, at least 192 Palestinians have died, including dozens of children and civilians, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. A US tourist in Jerusalem also died of a heart attack during an air raid. 

COMMENT: Hamas' military wing strikes me as oblivious to the growing number of fatalities, particularly considering that the the IDF urged Palestinians to abandon their homes, while Hamas urged them to "stand-fast," and die from incoming rockets. 

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman renewed his call to reoccupy Gaza and eject Hamas from the territory. 

“This is the third offensive,” Liberman said at a televised news conference. “We need to complete this operation so that the Israeli military has control over all of Gaza,” he said. He didn’t say how long he thought Israel should remain in Gaza. 

The Egyptian cease-fire plan called today (July 15) followed 48 hours later by separate talks with Israeli and Palestinian delegations in Cairo. It included a provision that Gaza’s border crossings will be opened for both people and goods “once the security situation becomes stable on the ground.” 

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will visit Cairo tomorrow (July 16), Egypt’s state-run Middle East News Agency reported. Abbas formed a new Hamas-backed government last month after peace talks with Israel failed.