Saturday, July 19, 2014

Global Impact: United States Trails in Global Energy Efficiency

According to The Latin American Tribune, Germany leads the principal world economies in energy efficiency, followed by Italy, China and France, a report released by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says.

For its part, the United States takes 13th place, according to ACEEE’s 2014 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

ACEEE researchers focused on 31 metrics across four categories: aspects of energy use at the national level, buildings, industry and transportation.

China leads in efficiency in buildings, Germany in industry and Italy in transportation.

COMMENT: One blatant surprise in the report, which is published every two years, is the low rating of the world’s No. 1 economy: The USA.

One detractor in the US falling behind so badly behind in energy efficiency is the sluggish US economy which is severely cash-strapped in its sixth year of a recession. Another detriment is over-regulation at the federal level which has caused few corporations to progress toward energy efficiency. 

“The United States, long considered an innovative and competitive world leader, has progressed slowly and has made limited progress since our last report, even as Germany, Italy, China, and other nations surge ahead,” ACEEE Executive Director Steven Nadel said.

Noted as factors contributing to the low US score are the little use and low investment in public transport, the many miles traveled by comparatively inefficient vehicles, as well as high energy consumption in homes and businesses.

The 16 economies analyzed represent 71% of global energy consumption.