Monday, July 7, 2014

Global Impact: Update--Washington Waiting for a Nightmare to Go Away

According to, Berlin stepped up pressure on Washington on Monday (July 7) over allegations of spying in Germany by a suspected double agent with Chancellor Angela Merkel describing the claims as serious and a possible breach of trust between the two allies.

"If the reports are accurate, it would be a serious case," Merkel told a joint press conference in the presence of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing.

COMMENT: Considering that so often both The White House and the US Department of State provide little but meaningless rhetoric, suddenly continued silence is deafening, yet hardly illuminating.

Despite the US Ambassador to Germany John Emerson being summoned to the German Foreign Ministry on Friday (July 4), which was pretty much useless, now three days hence, it seems essential that President Obama needs to pick up a secure line and call Chancellor Merkel. 

Although the President rarely apologizes for anything, this might be a good time to use the word that rarely passes his lips, unless there are national security ramifications that cannot be shared with the American people.

Undoubtedly, what the Chancellor is most interested in hearing from the President is his explanation and justification as to why:

Mr. Obama had NSA monitor the Chancellor's phone calls and why the US reportedly used a BND double-agent to pass some 300 sensitive documents to the US for as long as two years and why the US does not trust what was previously viewed as a valued European ally and friend?

Although it amounts to "spilled milk," the President should ask what it is about the Chancellor's government that Washington so vehemently distrusts?

Perhaps if the President had raised his concern 2-3 years ago when distrust was first in the breeding process, the disruption of so many careers on both sides of the Atlantic might very well have been avoidable.

Here's another thought. If the Obama Administration had truly been the most transparent government in US history as the President asserted in 2009, would the revelations of Edward Snowden ever have occurred?