Thursday, July 17, 2014

Illinois: Several CTA Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint During Rush-Hour on Orange Line

According to the Chicago Sun-Times Media Wire, authorities have released surveillance camera footage of two assailants suspected of robbing multiple passengers on an Orange Line CTA train Wednesday afternoon (July 16).

The armed robbery at gunpoint occurred at 1613 hours on the train as it traveled between the Halsted and Roosevelt stations, police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said.

"I just arrived here from California so it's kind of, not really a nice way to get welcomed to the city," said tourist Eva Van.

Authorities learned about the robbery after one of the riders who was robbed alerted CTA personnel at the Roosevelt station, spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski said. 
COMMENT: Perhaps the CTA should be reviewing the need for installing metal detectors at all stations in order to keep passengers safe from armed robbery? 

No one was injured, indicative of violent crime in Chicago, yet it should be noted that NO ARRESTS WERE MADE OF THE ASSAILANTS, PARTICULARLY CONSIDERING THAT CHICAGO'S ARMED CRIMINALS ALSO TRAVEL THE CTA. So much for criminal foreseeability!
In a US state [Illinois] which claims to have the most vigorous gun control laws in the country--obviously not--it is no surprise that armed criminals also move about the city on the CTA.

It is presumed that the CTA will reimburse all passengers who were robbed on the transit agency replacement value for their robbery losses?

The transit agency held the train at the Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren station until police arrived, she said. 

Unconfirmed dispatch reports said at least one of the criminals was armed with a revolver, reportedly in a city that purportedly has the stiffest gun laws in the country.

"We pay our money for the CTA and you have all these cameras, you're charging us extra money and I mean, where was the security?" asked Chicagoan Tracy Tucker.

Police are reviewing surveillance video in the case, Zala said.

See the below link for CTA security tips. Please note that the CTA security tips are dated 2010: 

CTA_Security_Tips_Brochure_2010. pdf