Tuesday, July 1, 2014

India: Italian Tourist Suddenly Realizes She Doesn't Have Her Handbag...the Following Morning!

According to http://zeenews.india.com, an Italian tourist, age unknown, was reportedly robbed of her handbag, which contained her passport, 10,000 rupees (US$121.77) and €300 (US$409.78) as she boarded a Rajasthan government-run bus, police said  on Tuesday (July 1).
The solo crime victim actually boarded the bus on Sunday night (June 29).

The following morning, when she was about to leave the Sindhi Camp bus terminal, she suddenly noticed her handbag missing!!

COMMENT: Indian authorities have apparently filed a larceny report which only means only that you have purchased one lottery ticket along with millions of others.

Unfortunately, it is my hope that this crime victim was a first-time traveler, otherwise she may be destined to have such an experience on a DAILY basis:

1. NEVER take the cheapest government-operated means of transport. If you do, your probability of becoming a crime victim will rise dramatically;

2. Always register your itinerary with you're appropriate foreign affairs agency. How will they contact you if a close family member or friend becomes ill during your absence?;

3. Always subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage by going to http://www.insuremytrip.com

Don't forget to add coverage for the repatriation of your remains if you happen to die while abroad. You'd be surprised how many travelers actually die outside their home country;

4. If you're traveling with lots of electronic gadgets, consider purchasing international replacement insurance at: http://www.safeware.com;

5. I DON'T recommend that visitors to a developing country carry a HANDBAG. Alternatively, I suggest you purchase a durable "no-name" backpack THAT NEVER LEAVES YOUR PRESENCE...EVER. Where you go, the backpack GOES;

6. Before you leave home, print off a copy of all ATMs and cash machines at all destinations on your itinerary that are compatible with your credit and debit cards. In this way, you know exactly where you are;
7. NEVER use an ATM or cash machine installed on the street level. ALWAYS go into a banking institution during daylight hours to get the cash you need for the day;

8. NEVER use the same bank while traveling; otherwise you may find yourself becoming a crime victim AT the bank;

9. NEVER carry more than US$100 in cash, unless you intend to make a major purchase and will not have the cash in hand for very long; and

10. Oh yes: Don't forget to pack  your PERSONAL SECURITY AWARENESS!