Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel/Gaza: Update--Israel Sustains 365 Incoming Rockets on Tuesday, UN Security Council to Meet

According to Reuters, at least 74 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed in Israel's Gaza counter-offensive, Palestinian officials said on Thursday (July 10), and militants kept up rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and other cities in warfare showing no signs of ending soon.

Israel's military made no comment on what would be the deadliest strike since the offensive began on Tuesday (July 8).

"We have long days of fighting ahead of us," Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Thursday on Twitter of the offensive which began after a build-up of violence following the killing of three Jewish students last month and the murder of a Palestinian teen in a suspected revenge attack.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who will brief the Security Council on the crisis later today, on condemned the rocket attacks and urged Israel to show restraint. "Gaza is on a knife edge," he told reporters.

Israel says it has struck more than 750 targets in an offensive intended to halt persistent rocket fire at its own civilian population, which escalated after Israeli forces arrested hundreds of Hamas activists in the occupied West Bank following the abduction of the Jewish teenagers. 

COMMENT: Hopefully, by now, every person that is capable on both sides of the hostilities has fled to safety. Those that have not, our prayers are with them.

Rocket barrages on Israel, some 365 on Tuesday--have caused no fatalities or serious injuries, due in part to interceptions by Israel's partly US-funded Iron Dome aerial defense system.

Cities close to the northern Haifa port and the holy city of Jerusalem have also been targeted.

Owners of some of the targeted homes received telephoned warnings from Israel to get out, or so-called "knock-on-the-door" missiles, which do not carry explosive warheads, were first fired as a signal to evacuate.

Israeli leaders, who have popular support for the Gaza offensive, have also warned the air offensive could be expanded into a ground invasion of one of the world's most densely populated territories. Israel has also mobilized 20,000 reservists.

This report will be updated daily, considering so many people continue to be at risk.