Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kenya: Update--German Woman, 28, Shot, Killed in Mombasa, Male Companion Injured

According to Reuters, the fatality reported earlier this morning (July 24) was a German female tourist 28-years-of-age, in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa on Thursday in the same area where a Russian visitor was murdered earlier this month.

Kenya's coast has been the scene of a series of bombings and shootings by militants and gunmen that have left dozens of Kenyans dead in recent months. Some Western nations have warned against travel to Mombasa due to the inherent violence.

COMMENT: I strongly discourage that all foreign nationals avoid Mombasa completely and consider whether leaving Kenya is appropriate.

My advice would be to leave Kenya. Period, as the future cannot be predicted.

Police also confirmed that the German woman's male companion, an Ugandan, was injured in the shooting, which involved no robbery of valuables.

A Russian woman was killed by a gang which had robbed her companions earlier in July in an area near Mombasa's historic Fort Jesus.