Sunday, July 6, 2014

Libya: Three Europeans Reportedly Kidnapped in Western Libya on Saturday, No Demands As Yet

According to AFP, an Italian engineer working in Libya was kidnapped over the weekend, the Italian Foreign Ministry reported from Rome, while two other Europeans were reported missing in the same abduction.

According to Italian media, Marco Vallisa and two co-workers from Bosnia and Macedonia disappeared from a coastal town in western Libya on Saturday (July 5).

Bosnia's Foreign Ministry said one of its citizens was missing "without being able to confirm immediately if he was kidnapped", while Macedonian officials had no information on the reports. 

The victims, were working for the Italian construction company, Piacentini Costruzioni on the modernisation of the port at Zuwara, a project worth some 37 million euros ($50 million).

COMMENT: It is an understatement that during the last year Libya nationwide has become an unspeakable lawless society, where only heavily protected foreigners with trusted security escorts can successfully function.

Those foreigners that are not effectively protected should NOT be in Libya.

Diplomats in Tripoli say militias who took part in the uprising now often large-scale kidnappings to blackmail other countries into releasing Libyans they hold.

The Tunisians were released only after months in captivity, while the Jordanian ambassador, seized by masked gunmen in April, was freed after a month in exchange for a Libyan jihadist who was sent to serve  out the rest of his prison sentence at home.

Another Italian engineer, Gianluca Salviato, who disappeared in Libya in March 2014, remains missing.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.