Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Louisiana: Perth-Based Australian University Student, 21, Shot in Face in New Orleans, Recovering

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Perth resident and Australian Amy Matthews, 21, never could have visualized that her gap year in the US would result in her being shot in the face on New Orleans' Bourbon Street.

Police said two gunmen began firing at each other at 0245 hours on Sunday (June 29) to settle a "score," injuring at least ten innocent bystanders, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Subsequently, Amy said a bullet suddenly blasted through her right cheek and exited through her top lip, causing massive injuries to her mouth."It shattered the top of my palate in four places and ripped my tongue in several places,” Ms. Matthews told The West Australian from her hospital bed at the Interim LSU Hospital. “Because the bullet was so hot, it just ripped through my teeth and burned a lot of my gums." 

COMMENT: Fortunately, two US Marines protected Amy until her ambulance arrived.  

One of the Marines took his shirt off and used it for my mouth,” she said, with her mother, Amanda, by her side.

“They were making jokes and telling me how I was handling it better than most of their Marine friends would have. They definitely helped.”

New Orleans police reported out of the 10 victims of the “heinous” crime, six were tourists. Five were Americans, and only one, Amy, was from abroad.

Amy received 30 stitches in her tongue and has a metal support attached to the roof of her mouth.

The West Australian said Amy received a visit from the New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu.