Monday, July 28, 2014

México: Romanian Citizen, 44, Arrested While Removing Cloning Device from ATM

According to The Latin American Tribune, Romanian Cristian Badea, 44, was arrested by Mexican Federal Police in Reynosa at the request of the security department of a Mexico City-based financial institution, authorities have reported.

The 44-year-old suspect was arrested on charges that he installed a cloning device on an ATM at a bank in Reynosa, located across the border from McAllen, TX.

“Federal Police officers commenced fixed and mobile surveillance around a shopping center in the Fuentes neighborhood, where a person matching the physical description in the report was identified.”

COMMENT: I have posted this report largely to demonstrate to residents and foreigners alike just how commonplace the usage of cloning devices on ATMs are, which is why I always urge those needing cash to use an INDOOR financial institution during daylight hours to reduce the risk of being victimized.

Additionally, not only does the above suggestion reduce the risk of encountering cloning devices, but it also reduces the risk of armed robbery and a street-level ATM, particularly during hours of darkness.

Badea was arrested when he attempted to remove a card reader used to clone debit cards and make cash withdrawals with fake bank cards,  police reported.

Two bank cards, personal identification, a temporary Romanian passport, immigration service forms, a video camera and a card reader were seized from the suspect, officials said.

Badea was taken to the federal prosecutor’s office in Reynosa, where he was turned over to investigators, the National Security Commission said.