Saturday, July 19, 2014

México/Correction: Remains of Frenchman Harry Divert, 32, Living in NY, Found in Guerrero

According to The Latin American Tribune, DNA analysis confirms that the remains of a French citizen erroneously described as a US citizen living in the US were found this week in the southern state of Guerrero actually corresponds to a French citizen who was last heard from on January 25. 

French citizen Harry Devert, 32, disappeared in the western Mexican state of Michoacan while traveling from the United States to Brazil by motorcycle.

Guerrero state Attorney General Iñaky Blanco told reporters in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco that plastic bags containing body parts were found along with the wreckage of Devert's motorcycle on a road near the coastal city of Zihuatanejo, northwest of Acapulco, the AG reported. 

Devert disappeared in January in Michoacan, which borders Guerrero.

Joel Moreno Rojas, a resident of Zitacuaro, Michoacan, went to Mexican authorities on February 5 to report Devert missing.

COMMENT: See the below erroneous link describing Devert as a "New Yorker":

As I emphasized in the above July 15 posting, in the interest of savings so many other families a great deal of heartache, I have for years discouraged foreigners from traveling through at 14 of the 32 Mexican states (including the DF) that are too fraught with security risks to travel via motorized or un-motorized two-wheeled vehicles:

Moreno told police he had not heard anything from Devert since the motorcyclist left Zitacuaro on January 25, headed for Zihuatanejo.

The Frenchman’s girlfriend, Sarah, received a text message from Devert on Jan. 25 saying that he had been “escorted” for 90 minutes through an area “that was too dangerous for me.”

“Apparently, there is another military escort waiting for me in another city ... I am being delayed by all these crazy things of the soldiers ... I hope to have a chance to speak with you guys tonight when (with luck), I finally get there,” Devert said in his text message.

Michoacan and Guerrero are among the most dangerous regions in Mexico due to the presence of rival criminal outfits battling for control of drug trafficking and other lucrative rackets.