Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Zealand: Dutch Motorist, 52, Kills Three, Seriously Injures One After Speeding Earlier

According to The Otago Daily News, Dutch businessman Johannes Jacobus Appelman, 52, who was involved in a crash which killed three people and left one seriously injured had been caught speeding hours before the collision, it has been reported. 

Appelman, 52, was recorded as traveling at 108km/h in a 100km zone on State Highway 1 at Burnham, at around 1000 hours on May 31. A 4km/h speed tolerance was in force at the time, as it was the Queen's Birthday weekend.   

COMMENT: Last month I posted the below link asking when New Zealanders will finally say that "enough is enough" concerning foreign motorists' continuing to injure, maim and kill the citizens of such a sparsely populated nation?:


Hours later, at 1555 hours, Appelman ran a stop sign at the intersection of Somerton Road and Thompson's Track, near Rakaia, killing Sally Summerfield, 49, her daughter Ella, 12, and Ella's friend, Abi Hone, also 12. Shane Summerfield was seriously injured in the crash. 

It comes after it was last month revealed that Appelman crashed another car the night before the fatal collision. No-one was injured in that incident, which took place on Johns Road, near Christchurch Airport. 

In both crashes Appelman was driving rental vehicles. 

Appleman pleaded guilty to three counts of careless driving causing death, and one count of careless driving causing injury. He will be sentenced later this month. 

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.