Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Norway/Switzerland: Update--4 Swiss Citizens Killed in E6 Collision, 3 Seriously Injured

According to, a small bus carrying a group of tourists has crashed in Norway, leaving four Swiss citizens dead and three seriously injured. 

The Swiss company Eurobus has confirmed that their vehicle was involved in the incident.

The German driver has been charged by Norwegian police with reckless driving.

Eurobus said in a statement on Tuesday (July 29) that the 16 passengers were all Swiss residents. The accident happened on the E6  while was returning to Switzerland, the company said. 

"We deeply regret the incident and our thoughts are with the the persons concerned and their relatives," Eurobus manager Andreas Meier said in the statement. 

COMMENT: From a preventative standpoint, the German driver's work history will need to be carefully assessed and evaluated in the context of how much sleep he had prior to the single-vehicle collision, as some drivers often work for a number of different companies.

Although it is my understanding that travelers that know one another often want to travel together by roadway, it is clear that traveling by air is infinitely safer.

The Norwegian authorities confirmed the deaths of three men and one woman, all aged over 50. 

A hospital spokesperson, Svein Karlsen, said they believed the passengers are all Swiss retirees. He said that the most seriously injured passenger had been flown to a hospital by air ambulance.

The remaining passengers are also being cared for in hospital.

The total passengers on board the bus included 17 people. 

Swiss President Didier Burkhalter also offered his condolences and “deep compassion” for the victims and their families in a statement. 

The head of the Swiss regional consular center based in Stockholm, is also expected to visit the accident site and the organization is in contact with the Norwegian authorities.

The accident is the most serious bus crash involving Swiss residents in nine years.

The bus is reported to have veered off the road and crashed into a mountainside.