Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tanzania: 4 Gunmen Attack Upscale Tented Resort at Dawn, Each Net US$794,781,697

According to Xinhua, a group of gunmen on Thursday (July 24) at dawn stormed into a tourist lodge in Tanzania’s northern town of Hai and robbed 17 foreign tourists en-mass.

The tourists were from the US, the Netherlands and the UK, the Kilimanjaro regional police commander Robert Boaz told a news conference.

The robbery occurred in a tented lodge at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Four of the 17 foreign tourists were slightly injured by the gunmen when they foolishly attempted to resist, but otherwise their injuries were minor.

COMMENT: Not bad for one night's work. Talk about a major windfall.

"The gunmen took away US$3,200, 110 British pounds (US$186.79), 5.4 million Tanzanian shillings (US$3,175,740), a video camera and six other cameras," said Boaz.

The four gunmen walked away with US$3,179,126.79 or US$794,781,697...split four ways. 

Boaz said the gunmen converged on the tented lodge at 0330 hours  and ordered the tourists to stay in one tent before they started combing the other tents and assembling everything of value.

Tanzania’s tourism industry contributes approximately 15% to its gdp and brings in foreign currency worth US$1.5 billion annually. Tourism also provides 1.2 million job opportunities, although the 17 crime victims hardly benefited.