Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tip of the Day: US, Western Broadcast Networks Provide al-Qaeda Far Too Much Detail

If I were a member of al-Qaeda or one of the many home-grown or splinter groups that embrace the rhetoric espoused by the late Osama bin Laden, I would be spending most of my precious time learning English and having my eyes glued to Western broadcast networks, as such stations provide our adversaries far, far too much critical intelligence.

For those terrorists and extremists possessing an aptitude for languages, US, Western and European broadcast networks provide information junkies AKA terrorists and endless treasure-trove of critical data.

Think of it as having your own personal intelligence service!

Imagine! Everything that the United States, Canada, UK, the European Union, Australia, and our collective allies who are concerned with the threats from Islamic terrorists are doing to counter terrorism is on television nearly each and every day, 24/7, if you know where to look.

As a retired US federal agent, I’m actually appalled by the amount of sensitive and critical information that so many foreign governments release to the media virtually every day about what their thinking, planning, doing to protect themselves from the "bad guys."

COMMENT: No wonder the threat of terrorism and extremism is just as much of a clear and present danger today as it was in 2001!

Unfortunately, federal agencies have a compulsion to constantly tell the world what value-added programs they're engaged in to demonstrate to their respective constituents that they're very hard at work.

The US Department of State and the majority of foreign ministries around the globe make it is so, so easy for their adversaries.

The one possible exception to the above rule is very likely the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which other than providing THE CIA FACT BOOK (see the below link) you'd never even know that the Agency exists: