Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tip of the Day: "What's in Your Wallet?"

I'm hardly a satisfactory "stand-in" for the US actor, Laurence Fishburne, 52, although I'm always amused by his notable ads that sell credit cards: "What's in your wallet?"
Yet, for the sake of today's Tip of the Day, it's really a great opener!

I urge all of our readers to very carefully go through their wallet before embarking a trip abroad:

1. Remove your long-distance carrier card, but ensure you copy the number of your card, the userid and password as you may need it while traveling;
2. As I have said in the past, carry only two credit cards or debit cards, one that you NEVER use while abroad and one that you regularly use;

3. I also recommend that you carry at least one debit card, as the fees on credit cards can be steep;

4. Next, remove all department store credit cards and gas cards unless you're planning to rent a car, which I generally discourage unless you know the language and have driven without an accident in the country in the past;

5. On a small sheet of paper, in 10-point font, print off your list of prescribed medications and any drug allergies you have, unless the list is huge at which point I suggest 9-point;

6. Somewhere in a safe place, carry the following documents:

a. I recommend keeping a list of all embassy and consular contacts close; and

b. Always carry a mobile phone 24/7 that works in the country you're in. Carry a fresh battery at all times.