Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turkey: British Tourist, 50, Falls to His Death at Turkish Hotel, Details Elusive

According to the UK-based, British tourist David Thomas Burke, aged 50, is thought to have died after a fall at a hotel, according to Turkish media reports. 

Friends and family members say they have been given no details as to how David Burke died and claim they have not heard from the friends he was on holiday with. 

The decedent is originally from Gilnow.

It is also unknown as to where in Turkey Mr. Burke died.

COMMENT: As I have so often said in the past, it is essential that close family and friends be reachable by phone and the Internet in all cases when family members are traveling abroad, otherwise, getting reliable information about a relative who has died becomes tantamount to a "snipe" hunt.

A lack of details in suspicious deaths always concern me because getting the facts surround a death are always seemingly vague, which brings into question the actual cause of death.

According to Turkish news, Burke was identified from his British passport and reportedly died on June 20.

What family and friends have been told is that Mr. Burke's remains were taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital where an autopsy was conducted that revealed that he died from "multiple injuries," which says little to nothing.

According to available information, an inquest has yet to be announced. 

What is known is that David Burke was the father of one child; his adult daughter reportedly identified his body at the morgue.

Others news reports suggest that Burke was taken to an emergency room after "suddenly feeling ill," which hardly "squares" with falling a great height from a hotel room.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.