Saturday, July 26, 2014

US Mainland/Puerto Rico: States, Puerto Rico Makings Things Worse by Issuing Drivers' Licenses

COMMENT: According to THE LATIN AMERICAN TRIBUNE, the contiguous US states of the US Mainland and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, are rendering a disservice to both the US states and the Commonwealth as the numbers rise of states issuing state-level unrestricted driving permits to illegal aliens throughout Puerto Rico and the US Mainland.

Most US taxpayers and/or residents on both the Mainland as well as in the Commonwealth, rightly or wrongly, make the assumption that the possessor of a state-issued driver's license is a US citizen.

No longer. See the below link:

As you can see, from the link above, an increasing number of states are continuing to relax their regulations to the point that in many years it will be virtually impossible to determine who is a US citizen and who is not!

This week (July 24) Puerto Rico announced that it will issue driver’s licenses to undocumented foreigners, a measure that could benefit more than 100,000 immigrants on the island, most of them Dominicans.

The measure is a significant step toward allowing upwards of 400,000 illegal immigrants and other foreign migrants lacking identification to open bank accounts, be legally hired and pay taxes.

Gov. Alejandro García Padilla announced at a press conference the change in the rules for obtaining provisional driver’s licenses, a move that comes thanks to an amendment to the US Commonwealth’s Motor Vehicle and Traffic Law approved in June 2013.

Applicants will need to prove they have resided in Puerto Rico for more than a year, that they lack a Social Security Card, are not US citizens or are not authorized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to live in the United States. They would still have to pass the regular driving and traffic regulations tests.

“These driver’s licenses symbolize a light illuminating the lives of men and women who are experiencing vulnerabilities out of fear of deportation and fear of being separated from their loved ones and the country that has taken them in,” García Padilla said.

That being said, there is simply no other way around describing a person who is present in any country who has not acquired LEGAL status. That means they are ILLEGAL.

Federal authorities will not accept the license as valid identification for flying on an airplane or for any other purpose. Whew!

The license will be valid for three years, can be renewed for another three years and will have a different design than standard driver’s licenses. Yet, unless the design is significantly different from from the prevailing Puerto Rican driving permit, it will be assumed that the operator is a US citizen.

The Governor emphasized that the Puerto Rican police cannot arrest people carrying the provisional license because of their immigration status.

According to the most recent figures, Puerto Rico’s population officially stands at 3.6 million, of whom 68,000 are Dominicans with US citizenship.

There are no figures concerning the number of undocumented Dominicans in Puerto Rico, but unofficial calculations are that they could number around 100,000, although some estimates run as high as 400,000.  

One LAST thing! If you don't believe we have an identity crisis in the US, please review carefully the below link: