Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Afghanistan: One Service Member Killed, 14 Wounded at British Military Academy in Kabul

According to Reuters, one service member was shot and killed and 14 wounded, including a German general, when a man in Afghan army uniform opened fire on international and Afghan forces at a British-operated military training academy in Kabul on Tuesday (August 5), the German military and Afghan officials said.

Germany's Der Spiegal reported that a two-star US general was killed in the attack. ISAF declined to comment, but said one of its service members had been killed in the attack that took place at around 1200 hours local time.

The Afghan president was quick to condemn the attack, saying the delegation had been visiting the facility to help build Afghanistan's security forces.

Afghanistan's Defense Ministry confirmed the gunman was wearing an Afghan army uniform.

COMMENT: The continuing armed attacks on foreigners in Afghanistan in all occupational categories is rendering all those who put their lives at risk--diplomats; foreign governments both in uniform and civilian; foreign assistance agencies; journalists; medical professionals; etc.--places all foreigners in a perverted game of "Russian roulette."

In a similar attack the same day (August 5), several were wounded in eastern Paktia province when a policeman opened fire on international and Afghan forces, police chief Zalmay Oryakhil said. 
The Taliban says " insider" attacks reflect their ability to infiltrate the enemy.
In 2012, dozens of incidents forced international troops to take measures to reduce interaction with their Afghan partners and since then, the number of insider attacks has fallen sharply.