Friday, August 22, 2014

Argentina: New Zealander, 31, Shot, Killed in Mendoza, All Readers: PLEASE Don't Resist!

According to New Zealand's Otaga Daily News, the brother of a New Zealand tourist shot and killed during a daylight armed robbery in Argentina has paid tribute to him in a moving Facebook posting.

Nicholas Heyward, 31, died yesterday (August 21) after attempting to fight off two teenagers on a motorbike who tried to steal his backpack. He was shot four times and died at the scene.
Heyward, 31, a trained physiotherapist, is understood to have been on holiday, traveling in Chile, Argentina and Perú, where he had hoped to engage in some rock-climbing.
The young New Zealander had lived in Australia for a number of years, but had been teaching English while traveling to pay for his expenses.
COMMENT: If you remember NOTHING ELSE from this posting, remember this:

"Any effects you carry in a backpack, CAN BE replaced! You CAN'T!"

For all of our readers, PLEASE avoid the temptation to repel any robbery, particularly when you have NO idea whether the assailants are armed or not!
If you're traveling in developing countries, and particularly in Latin America, where most criminals carry guns, reacting instinctively is the WRONG thing to do!
When a confrontation occurs you want to do TWO things and only two things:
One, OBSERVE everyone with finite detail; and
Two, determine what ACTION to take!
If you DON'T KNOW whether the assailants are armed or not, DON'T RESIST!
I have probably given this advice 1,000 times if I've offered it at all. Yet, every week or so a foreign traveler is killedunnecessarily!
Let's analyze the facts first.
If you're traveling on the cheap and paying for your travel from teaching English, you must be mentally prepared for becoming a crime victim.

It WILL happen at some point, so PLEASE don't get "sucked into making a bad choice that could end your life!"
The shooting happened just before 1600 hours local time in a park near the World Cup stadium, in the city of Mendoza, near where the New Zealander was staying. 
Heyward was walking with an Australian woman and a French citizen when the confrontation occurred. 
As he grappled with the thieves for his bag, he fell to the ground and was shot in the neck and chest as the young killers fled on their bike, police director Juan Carlos Caleri told local media.

Young adults who make a living from crime are very unpredictable and are too high strung which is why they make so many mistakes because of their youth.
Emergency services found the man dead at the scene, he said.
The Security Ministry immediately offered a 40,000 pesos (NZ$5,800) reward for information leading to the arrest of the offenders.
"Motochorros" is an emerging and serious criminal threat or "motorcycle bandits," invariably travel in pairs - one to attack a victim, while the other  operates the motorcycle.
Recently, Buenos Aires, Governor Daniel Scioli introduced a new regulation to force all motorcycle passengers to wear a helmet and reflective jacket showing the motorbike's number plate, a common trait throughout Latin America to curtail motorcycle-borne attacks.
Last night, the Australian woman and Frenchman were at the hostel last night and were emotionally distraught. 
The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade advised on its Safe Travel page that "distraction thefts and violent crime are an issue in Argentina...No resistance should be given if you are the victim of a robbery, as this could lead to an escalation in violence," the site advised.