Thursday, August 7, 2014

Australia: Dozens of Jewish Children, Some As Young as Five, Threatened on Sydney School Bus

According to The Associated Press, dozens of Jewish children have been traumatized by a gang of teenagers who stormed a Sydney school bus and allegedly hurled racial abuse and threats.

New South Wales state police said five teenagers were arrested early Thursday (August 6) over the incident on Wednesday afternoon (August 5). 

The youths were questioned at a police station, but were later released without charge into the custody of their parents pending further investigations, a police statement said.

The bus carrying about 30 children between the ages of five and twelve from three Jewish schools were subjected to "physical and racial threats" by a group of eight male teenagers, aged 15 to 17, who boarded a bus stop in the wealthy eastern suburb of Randwick, police said. No one was injured.

Jackie Blackburn said her three daughters, aged 8, 10 and 12, would need counseling after their terrifying experience. Blackburn told 9 Network television on Thursday (August 7) that her eldest daughter had phoned her from the bus pleading for help, saying: "There are eight very dangerous, drunk men on this bus."

The daughter's phone went dead, but Blackburn said she was soon phoned by her daughter's friend from the same bus.

"They're threatening to slit our throats; they're chanting "Palestine" and they're going crazy about Palestine--"must kill the Jews and Heil Hitler,'" Blackburn said.

"It was just very anti-Semitic and very scary for all the kids," she added.

Isabelle Stanton, whose two daughters, aged eight and twelve, were on the same bus, told The Daily Telegraph newspaper the youths had screamed: "We are going to murder you," and "Free Palestine." 

COMMENT: Considering that the majority of left-leaning Latin American governments have already recalled their envoys back home in response to the Israeli-Hamas conflict, it is also noteworthy that there have been several anecdotal politically-charged ramifications in a number of Muslim nations which have painted Israel into a corner as the only "bad actor" in the conflict.

Even for those sympathetic to US and United Nations criticism of Israel, I personally find it appalling that Hamas, whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel, rarely gets support from the Obama Administration.

Considering that Jews everywhere save Israel are critics of the high fatalities in Gaza, the reality is that Hamas is directly responsible for so many Palestinian civilians being killed because the terror group intentionally has placed Muslims in Gaza in Harm's Way.

"The kids are very aware of what is going on in the Middle East, but the conflict should not be imported here, we are now feeling very vulnerable," Stanton said. She said the teens kicked the bus door and windows as they left the bus.

Blackburn was critical of the bus driver, saying he should never have allowed the youths to board the bus. She said he did nothing stop their threatening behavior.

State Communities Minister Victor Dominello condemned the attack, saying: "Public abuse and intimidation on the grounds of race or religion is deplorable."
"The people of NSW will never excuse it and those who are alleged to have subjected school children as young as five to this anti-Semitic attack should face the full force of the law," Dominello said in a statement.